Local Businesses

Listing local businesses on our website is done as a courtesy to the business owners and for the convenience of our citizens.  We do not advertise any business on this website.



 A through F

Name: Bunkhouse Motel

Business Type: lodging
Phone: 701-309-5555

Name: Country Fresh Foods
Business Type: grocery
Phone: 701-464-5531

Name: Country Store

Business Type: hardware/clothing/variety
Phone: 701-464-5434

Name: Country Valley Beauty Salon
Business Type: beauty salon
Phone: 701-464-5701

Name: DJ's Construction
Business Type: construction
Phone: 701-5855

Name: Farmers Union Oil

Business Type: gas station/fertilizer/ag supplies
Phone: 701-464-5416

Name: Fiesel Law
Business Type: lawyer
Phone: 701-464-8321

Name: Floor House
Business Type: flooring
Phone: 701-629-5172

Name: Food Barn

Business Type: restaurant

Phone: 701-464-5574

 G through L

Name: Griesbach Construction
Business Type: construction
Phone: 701-464-5790

Name: Historic Hygge Hotel

Business Type: lodging
Phone: 701-464-7666

Name: IPM, Inc Property Management

Business Type: full service rental property management
Phone: 701-852-1157

Name: Jorgenson Lumber
Business Type: lumberyard
Phone: 701-464-5504

Name: Lacy's Cabinet & Woodworking
Business Type: cabinetry
Phone: 701-464-5701

Name: Liberty State Bank

Business Type: bank
Phone: 701-464-5421
Web Address: www.libertystateplnd.com

Name: Lil Ranchers Childcare

Business Type: daycare/preschool
Phone: 701-464-1234

 M through R

Name: Main Creations
Business Type: beauty salon
Phone: 701-464-5460

Name: MDU
Business Type: electrical
Phone: 1-800-638-3278

Name: Moody Massage Therapy
Business Type: massage therapy
Phone:  701-580-7664

Name: NCC Ray
Business Type: telephone/tv/internet
Phone: 701-568-3331

Name: Northern Charm Boutique
Business Type: clothing

Name: Northwest Vet Clinic

Business Type: veterinary service
Phone: 701-464-5121

Name: Powers Lake Elevator

Business Type: grain elevator/livestock feed
Phone: 701-464-5662

 S through Z

Name: Turley's Pub
Business Type: alcohol on/off sale
Phone: 701-464-9512

Name: Tioga Medical Clinic

Business Type: medical clinic
Phone: 701-464-5668

Name: Western Tax

Business Type: bookkeeping/tax preparation
Phone: 701-464-5441